About Laudo Drums

The Inspiration

“Everything happens for a reason,” Scott exclaimed as he approached Joe. Scott Doughty was the instigator and inspirer for the beginnings of Laudo Drums. So here’s the rest of the story . . . Scott, an old friend from tech school and church, had been trying to build a traditional stave drum, but was unable to get his angles cut at the exact degree. When Scott noticed a Cajon that Joe had constructed, he inquired about a stave drum. Since Joe had actually been contemplating the idea of constructing a stave drum, all he really needed was the extra nudge from someone before he decided to actually give it a whirl.

The Traditional Method

Stave percussion drums are known in the musical instrument industry. Traditional manufacturing of stave drums use flat staves glued together to form a rough cylinder. Then the cylinder is turned on a lathe giving it a circular cross-section on its inner and outer surfaces.

A Witty Idea

Singer, songwriter, and guitarist, but no drummer, Joe set out to construct a drum. An engineer at heart and a lover of woodworking, Joe quickly discovered a revolutionary way to fabricate a stave drum; one that had never been done before. Joe spent hours meditating, drawing and brainstorming as the design fell into place . . . really, a witty invention from the Lord! “For wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it. I wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions.” Prov. 8:11-12.

After months of researching, planning, preparing, and designing, a drum was born and the patent process on Joe’s glueless shell was underway. Joe and Scott assembled the 1st prototype and were immediately impressed with its tonal quality, sensitivity and volume. Joe began lending out the prototype to selected drummers and sound engineers and received great feedback. A year later the patent was granted and our meager production was underway.

Laudo Design

Laudo’s patent design is an improvement over known stave percussion drums. By using a more efficient manufacturing method to construct a drum that does not have glued joints between staves, it produces a superior quality sound.
At Laudo Drums, the staves are not glued together, but instead are held together by interlocking joinery that prevents the staves from separating horizontally, eliminating the need for glue. Because there is no glue to dampen sound and interfere with resonance, Laudo Drums’ tone is SUPERIOR.

What’s in a Name

Considering a name for the drum was another journey in itself. After much thought, and having our children study Latin for years (which equivocates to parents studying Latin as well), we felt impressed to go with the name “Laudo”, which is Latin for “I praise”; not to mention the phonics had great potential for marketing too.

Drum Olympics
In September 2014, a spalted hard maple stave was entered into the 2014 Snare Drum Olympics. Follow link: http://www.snaredrumolympics.com/laudo-drums-glueless-stave/ for results and videos. You can also check us out on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/laudodrums to learn more about Laudo Drums.

At the Nashville Drum Show, in September of 2014, we submitted a 14×5 Hard Spalted Maple drum into the 2014 Snare Drum Olympics sponsored by “Not So Modern Drummer”. More than 25 drums from 20 top drum manufacturers in the industry had entries in the Drum Olympics. Judges Jim Riley, drummer for Rascal Flatts, Ben Sesar, drummer for Brad Paisley, Keio Stroud drummer for Big and Rich, Beth Gottlieb, percussionist for the Gary Sinise and Lt. Dan Band, and Scott Radock, pro NYC drummer, ranked our drum first overall in the blind competition. It also placed first in our division – segmented shell category, second overall, and second in the public vote.

From Our Family to Yours

We are thankful for the Lord’s favor, good friends and witty inventions and look forward to a productive and terrific start in the drum industry. If you are interested in a drum with a superior tone and have a desire to release your sound, contact us at laudodrums@gmail.com. Everything happens for a reason!

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